Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sundays are for Coveting

Here are some things I desperately wish I had by artists and collectors who have their pulse on the power of the pin up.

Centerfold Mobile

by Salty and Sweet

Party Dress
by Tara Starlet.
This canary plaid makes me want to throw on some pumps and and sit by my rotary phone.

Flirty Everyday Housewife Apron

by the ever wonderful Momomadeit,
specializing in classic aprons for classy girls.
If I had this apron I'd be happier. I'd also be barefoot and let's face it, probably pregnant.

Vintage Gold Safilo Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

by Vintage50sEyewear
These are magic glasses when you put them on you get to ignore change. I want them.
I'll wear them to work and to the roller derby. It will rock so hard.

The Desi Dress

by missbrache
This is the best way to sit while waiting for the postman.

Midnight Premiere

by itsthelittlethingsut

Nothing says 'come hither' like a pair of

Circus b'zerkus handmade platform pumps

by zerkahloostrah
Yeah, that's right. HANDMADE pumps.
Mind = blown

Boyfriend Sheer Buttonup Top

by Lamixx

Girl with Toy Plane

by She Hit Pause Studios
What are you coveting these days?
listening to right this second: "Narcolepsy" -- Ben Folds


ratu lakhsmita indira said...

"The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off." (Jean Cocteau)


Amberbop said...

Haha. I love that. I want it put in across the wall in vinyl letters my closet ;)

Beth L said...

our Etsy-covets seem to overlap quite a bit - oh those shoes, oh my. I had not seen that shop before.
But I will again. And again.
I have also been coveting just about every single hat at Boring Sidney

Jen said...

well, i now covet those glasses. thanks a lot.

Amberbop said...

Beth! Now I'll be up all night wishing I had this cloche

It hurts I want it so much.

Shilo said...

I covet "The Monarch's Salt Cellar"

I am also coveting any brightly colored tights right now. Must go buy some!

fashion fucsia said...

I love the pin-up style and the first photo with the mobile is wonderful!


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