Sunday, July 03, 2011


New Fashionista East girl. Beauty and brains. I think she's going to need big horn rimmed glasses. I might be mistaken, but buckle shoes and a headband might be in order too.

I'm deciding which one I'll use. I always sketch lots and pick the best, but lately I'm thinking I'll start developing three or four at a time, so I have a quick and easy to go licensing collection. That way the next time someone wants them on ______ but all different by Thursday, they're ready to go.

Although, these girls don't look like they'll be rushed... Just one more chapter?


The Weekend Artist said...

I love that you are so at ease with your strokes. i like number 3 the most...she looks like she is so sure of herself!

Amberbop said...

oh! Thanks so much. How nice-nice. Three is my favorite too!


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