Monday, July 04, 2011

A New York Minute

Because I don't journal and because I would like to, I now bullet point my NYC existence.
This is what I did this week:
  • I packed up five years worth of job-job in building A and prepared for a move to building B
  • I found A rank your fashion sense site. Life significantly changed.
  • I met my goal of posting to She Sure is Sketchy every day for one month. Something that hasn't ever happened in five years of blogging my sketchy thoughts.
  •  I started a new 30 day goal.
  • I managed to move my ergonomic office chair from 24th and 5th ave to the Penthouse at 302 Court. 
  • I applauded my ability to move said office chair
  • I listened to a lot of death metal and folk music, not together mind you. 
  • I took a long, long walk through park slope to visit the various friends I have strung all along its distances. On that walk I saw this a kid wearing THIS:
     "Isn't it awesome?!!?" she crowed. Oh you have no idea, kid, you have no idea... I thought.
    In case you can't make it out. This nine year-old is rocking a shirt that says
    "The Unbearable Lightness of Bieber"
  • I spent a full day with the ever lovely Rachel and her beautiful boy at The Morgan Library and Museum, one of the best things New York has to offer.
    Thomas took this one himself. Nice composition, kid.
  • I made a trip to the sketchiest part of Times Square to pick up some event tickets. It reminded me of that planned parenthood scene in Juno.
  • I totally watched Juno which led me to.. 
  • dust off my Moldy Peaches CDs
  • I caught up with an old friend, for some really important face-to-face
  • I mani-d and i pedi-d with Rachel and Emily in preparation for Em's impending nuptials. 
  • I moved two of my bffs, one from the East Village to Sheepshead Bay and one from Brooklyn to D.C. In both of these undertakings I was only a participant of the first leg of the transition. I made lots of supercilious jokes, then... 
  • I came home and cried
  • I booked a ticket to Florida for the end of this month. I'm expanding my health coach training and I'll be there for four days of sun and knowledge, two of my favorite things
  • I had a full dose of sissy time. Kid Sister flew in on Saturday morning and she'll be here all week, we're gonna have some fun and some fights, but hopefully mostly fun.
  • I puppysat my good friend Abby Labby for a few days. She came with a beautiful fairy garden. She has a facebook page.
  • I spent a full day at Coney Island's new extravaganza of insanity (lunacy?) - Luna Park. I sampled all the various options that Coney Island now is. I shed an inner tear for my Coney Island, the old run down eerie place that I wanted my ashes scattered at.  Although, that tear dried quickly whipped away by the wind on this new ride they have called 'The Tickler'. It is the jam.
  • I ate the most amazing pulled pork sandwich known to man as made by Tim Hanna at an up 'til dawn BBQ with good friends, irreverent conversation and an invasion of Sara Lawrence alumni. It was totally boss.
  • I taught a lesson on developing your talents. What do you want to have in your back pocket? Right now I am working on taking my Italian from situational to conversational.
  • Art wise I worked on my children's book
  • Art wise: Inspired by the Lists exhibit I begun tackling
    Pikaland's list of 100 things to draw:
  • I got closer to starting to clean my apartment (winky face)
  • I danced in puddles but no rain at Rainbow City with my kid sis and an imagination candy jar of balloon people.
  • Spent a breezy evening romping along The Highline. It was divine.
  • Watching: Ugly Betty from the first episode. It's all on Netflix Streaming, people!
  • Reading: One Day by David Nicholls
  • Listening to: predominately Amon Amrath and The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan 
  • Drawing: Fairies and Little girls with decisions to make
  • Eating: at Sweet Melissa 
  • Learning: Italian
  • Coveting: this bike in red
  • Saving for: a Cintiq
And that's this week's New York Minute.


Pam said...

Now I know why they call it a NY Minute - it would be a Hawaii Year or maybe decade. WOW...what a life!

Cheryl said...

What fun!

The title of your blog post caught my attention right away. At work, every Friday one of our executives sends out an email called "The New York Minute" discussing what is going on in the company, the industry, and giving us a "call to action". I saw this and was like "WTF?", he's sending it out on holidays now. Your post is much better than his emails.

Have a fabulous 4th of July!

Amy@Pikaland said...

And all that in one week?? Whoa!

Amberbop said...

PamMom - this week I want to develop the art of doing nothing.

Cheryl, I am so glad that this had nothing to do with your work ;) I love that feeling of being scared and then realizing it is for naught and everything is fine.

Amy, it's even more impressive if you consider how long I took patting myself on the back for managing to move that office chair ;)

wendyp said...

I feel lazy now after reading your list of all you've done this week! And I'm giggling picturing you pushing a chair down the sidewalks because what would seem totally unusual to me is probably totally normal in the city.

I stink at journaling but i can do this! Love me a bulleted list!


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