Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Haul Out the Holly!

Last Thursday I went to Vermont.

Hahaha. No I didnt. That's my own little joke.
No, I took my lunch hour and went shopping in the flower district.

NYC's flower district is a master of menutia. It spans West 26th to West 28th street along sixth avenue. If you want to decorate with evergreen it's where you're going to get the most bough for your buck, for instance I am now the proud owner of not one but two wreath frames and some much needed mistletoe all under $12

I love shopping here with a mug of candy cane green tea and a camera in my jeans pocket, the excitement and bustle is as good as it gets. Holiday Hotel lobby designers and resturaunt landscapers all end up here.

The highlight of this particular trip was seeing a petite redhead scale a wall of birch logs and scream, "We'll take the lot, Harry!"

Good times. Good times.

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)en said...

I feel more Christmasy just from reading this.


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