Wednesday, December 01, 2010

PiBoIdMo Recap

Idea #1

Sigh. It's come. It's gone. Here is what I have to share. These are some of loose ideas that got a sketch, or a moment of pencil on paper this last November during Tara's genius second year at the helm of Picture Book Idea Month.

All of the pictures go with words, but not vs versa. Some of this months inklings are pages of dialogue. Some are inky post-it notes with scritch-scratch. One is an epic first sentence, one consists of three words written down 8 different ways. Currently they're a map that only I can navigate. (Ooh Idea #31) ;)

At any rate, there are 30 of them, while not always genius, that's 29 more than I would have had without the wide catching net of support of all my children's book cronies tweeting and twatting and blogging me forward this epic month of picture books.

Idea #4

Idea #6

Idea #12
AKA - A much better idea than idea #6
The 'evolution' of this idea was one of the most exciting parts of this month's breakneck make a story idea game. I kept revisiting it, in the shower, as I walked thru the park, and now at the beginning of December, I think it has sticking potential.

Idea #16
This is an idea I've been kicking around for a while, but PiBoIdMo was the kick I needed to get it down on paper and develop it into something that I won't sideline.

Idea #24
This is one of my favorites. I worked at keeping myself loose and sketchtastic on these. This idea was storyboarded in 14 frames in about 6 minutes. It's one of my most complete from this month of unprecedented kiddie focus, and actually one of the top 5 I'd take to an agent.

Idea #30
Came as I was desperately racking my brain for some last drop of picture book punch. I'm so excited to be working on this one and will attack it post haste.

I hope all your ideas were extra good to you this picture book season. I am excited to stalk you and see where they go. I'm attacking #3 (not pictured) first. It is my favorite and most funny idea this year. I want to pay homage to the genius of

Anna Staniszewski, Sarah Frances Hardy, and Jennifer Nielsen

In a sea of tantalising and delicious offerings theirs spoke to me and mattered most over time. This year's PiBoIdMo was simply smashing. I have not one single idea for how it could be any better. It was a treat and and a treasure and I'll be waiting on baited breath until Nov. 1st 2011 - No pressure Tara ;)


Beth L said...

OMG you are too much. The sketchtasticest ever.
For some reason I am particularly drawn to Dinasaur Cheerleader. She speaks to me. A tall task for anyone in that particular field (get it, field ... oh never mind), but she does.
And crocheted bacon. Who knew it could be the cutest thing in the universe? Ok, you did.
Love what you do.

taralazar said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed PiBoIdMo! You have some seriously cute sketches there!


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