Monday, December 06, 2010

So, Now I have an Etsy Shop

I'm left handed and while a hundred people sat down and tried to teach me to crochet as a child, I was so hopeless learning from right handers that it never really took. My stubborn determined personality was pretty strong, even then. So, frustrated with my failure, when I was about eight years old, I sat down with the few pages afforded left handers in my gramma's coveted 'Complete Guide to Needlework".

I remember sitting cross-legged on our deck with the book in my lap as I tortured a skein of butter-yellow yarn into submission.

Crocheting was the first thing I ever entirely taught myself. I remember the shear delight at beating that yellow yarn into a 2 foot tall, overall-clad mouse. I was young, but already I was ready to take up the left-handed shield of truth and glory.

I raised my H-hook in the air, brandishing as I breathed,
I haven't changed this stance in the past two decades, so you know it was pretty inspired for a childhood declaration.

I pledged handmade this year and thought I'd start early with my gal MIka's birthday.
So I made the first of the bacon barrettes. They incited a movement at job-job and with my co-workers support it wasn't long before I felt my dormant need to create something that more dimensional chirpping from beneath the floorboards in my heart.

I am a strong advocate of doing something ELSE creative and fun. Of course I am also an expert of turning everything into some kind of work. Lucky for me I love work. If you're feeling a bit of a lul in the art that you make, make something totally different, but teh same, but different. You'll get it..

Amberbop Shop has been around for two weeks now. I made my first sale on Friday. Pretty sweet huh? LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE LEFT HANDERS!


Karin said...

Woo hoo! The first of only many I'm sure ;)

Dawn said...

Crocheting is the only thing I can do with my right hand. I am a lefty and since no one could teach me to crochet with my left hand, I learned to do it with my right. Good for you for teaching yourself. Your work is impeccable, as always! Congrats on your first sale!! Super cute images!

Anonymous said...

So cute, I wish I know how to do that too.But now, I'm collecting different types of antique table.


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