Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Through the Looking Glass

 Traditionally after Macy's traditional Miracle on 34th Street windows, come the BORING windows, the ones there to sell stuff.  These windows are typically just space-taker-uppers.  This year, I was prepped myself for the boring windows.  I shouted behind me, alerting my April that we were about to enter Dullsville.  We rounded the corner and I was rendered speachless. I all I could think was 'what to my wondering eyes should appear!?'

There I stood face-to-face with the prettiest darn windows you could ever shake a stick at.  I was the 8 year olds we'd seen on Kris Kringle's side.  I constantly had to remind myself that the windows are for looking, not touching, not licking, not kissing.

These windows SPOKE to me. They whispered to me in the language i speak best, preeeety-glitter-magic-preettttyy-paper.

Seriously, I speak the equivelant of Parsletongue at these windows.  I half expected the glass to melt away and the paper-star-flowers to engulf me in a showy snow of sparkle.

Be Home?!  I LOVE being home.  Man oh man, I'm good at that.  Preeeety paper.

Oooooooooooh... pretty....

Red... pretty.

I dashed around and ooh'd and awwww'd, overcome with that feeling you sometimes get when it is Christmas, and you are very small.   I am so thrilled that Macy's decided to buck tradition this year and do something utterly breathtaking.  You could feel the craftsmanship in these windows.  They were a nod to days gone by but a step forward too. They were clean and modern BUT crafty.  This is what I want my windows to look like.  

Oh and let's hear it for paper.

Traitionally, the main event on 34th Street are the Macy's wild-card windows.  They're the exciting ones.  This year I thought they were fine, but they didn't bowl me over like this dazzle.  I'll tell you about them soon, because they were pretty rad, just not as rad as these.  So there goes tradition.


wendyp said...

(gasp) I need to make a wreath out of 3D stars like that!!!! I really don't have time, but I need to!!! LOVE this window display!

Dawn said...

Firstly, let me just pick my jaw up off the floor. Secondly, WOWEE WOW WOW! What a city you live in! That is all kinds of spectacular! Thank you for sharing a piece of your world with me!! Whoever came up with the theme for these windows is my new hero :)

Rachel Campbell said...

Is this Macy's take on the 6 B's? hehehe

Amberbop said...

Oh Miss Campbell, you truly are a wit.

Dawn, I think we're sharing new heros ;)

Wendy, I bought a frame for them and then gave up. Hehe. Next year!


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