Friday, May 27, 2011

NotSleeping on the Job

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep. ~Fran Lebowitz

This is a fave of mine. I'm a six hours a night girl. I suck at sleepovers because by dawn I am pretending to accidentally wake people up. OOPS. I slammed that door too loudly on my way to make toast? Sorry. By 7am I've been up and waiting for them to play for way too long.

Typically this goes the other direction though. Without the perils of over night entertaining I'm up til 3 drawing, doodling, putting together comps for clients, and lately catching up on Glee. I however live for naps. Here's the way I imagine it'd happen if I were an animal of leisure instead of a girl on a mission.

Piggy naps.

Bunny naps.

This is gonna get a spin off... I can just tell.


I am James. said...

Very cute and effective line work, bang on target

Brittany said...

UGH. I was totally going to call you last night (after I finished Real Housewives of NYC, which btw, had no relation to the desire to call you) but I was all, "No it's way too late there; it's like 2 a.m. there."

Note to self: just call.

Jack Foster said...

Hey Amber! I love your post. Great sketches! I do my best work at night too :o)

Indigene said...

Wonderful energetic lines! :)
Ahhh...I remember those days, when I could stay up late and wake up! Then my 50s came and a whole new pattern emerged. Enjoy while you can! :) :)

Rabbit Town Animator said...

Great post and I am the same. Working till the wee hours and still getting up early. A nap right now sounds good. I like your sketches too


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