Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Bit and a Little

Today feels like Saturday! Guess who isn't going to job-job today?!
GUESS WHO HAS A FIVE DAY WEEKEND?! The offices of job-job are moving. To highlight the FREEDOM of their employees and to get their move-on, my employers are spending these days being highly benevolent. On July 5th I report back to work, never again to look upon the hasty space I've occupied for the last five years animating a rather precocious robot in. Instead I look forward to new dawns and new horizons. It's good I have five days to clean my visual palette to be best prepared for the fancy mcShmancy space they've been designing since July 2010. I woke up without an alarm and now I have plans for fun and fabulousnes from here until Monday at 9am.

So for starters. I drew a page of surface design:

OK. I drew many surface design pages. This is the one I am showing you.

It's been thirty days of blogging without a hic-up an accidental goal I made on the 5th of June when I realized that I'd posted every single day. It has been a treat and pleasure. I feel like if I miss a day now, I'm failing in some way. So in short: Watch. This. Space.
More to come, much much more.

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Karin said...

Enjoy your "time off". Although, I can't imagine you not doing something, anything, constantly. Your creativity and sketchy-ness (on paper, not character ;) ) leave me breathless. I have missed so much on your blog this past month, life has definately gotten in the way of my stamp-y, blog visiting time....Have a fabulous 4th! I think the sun may be shining out your way this weekend :)


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