Monday, June 20, 2011

The Greatest Thing I Will Ever Draw

in under a minute, and a New York Minute recap. First thing's first - afterall, this is a sketch blog. This last Thursday I invented a new sketch game. It has been years since this kind of thing has happened, but much like Scribble Drawings or Stop! Listen! Draw! it just came to me, in a moment that transcended logic. Also, I was bored.

This game is entitled Random Profile. Here is how you play. First draw a long and jittery line. 
Then, make it into someone's profile
And. That. Ladies. And. Gentlemen. is how I drew the greatest thing I'll ever draw in a minute flat. I then played with other four footed friends.
Meet Moose:
Meet Camel:
And that is how you play. If you play, please alert me, as I would like to know.

Now for a new feature at She Sure is Sketchy: A New York Minute
in which I fill you in on my week in bullet points
  • I waited in line for a 'just OK' sandwich for 2 hours at NYC's annual Big Apple BBQ
  • I spent a full and marvelous day at Fire Island with some of my most favorite friends
  • I had a date at Superfine, so although it was not an amazing date, dinner was divine
  • I got my late night dance party on in DUMBO in the mud in the park, and it was delightsome
  • I broke up a fight and filed a police report when I got slapped by some fifteen year old punk kid who was going all Chris Brown on his 13 year old girlfriend at 8:30 in the AM
  • I went to the eye doctor in Chelsea, which was so Will and Grace I had to look around for cameras
  • I discovered that you can forget how to ride a bike
  • I spent hours wandering and appreciating my neighborhood
  • I created some pretty amazing Photo Fairies
  • I redesigned my blog layout
  • I sent off designs to a new fabric client
  • I reopened my Etsy shop
  • I had lovely conversations with my foreign family, abroad in Norway and Belgium repectively
  • I had a fantastic mani-pedi in Park Slope with the duchess, which did not include blue sparkle stars
  • I was gifted a pygmy puff
  • and I didn't clean, not even a little bit, not even at all.

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