Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Guggenheim but in Brooklyn

I spent last night in downtown Brooklyn, Stillspotting NYC. Now, over the years I have been to some weird-ass Guggenheim events, but from the first NONE of them have been as weird as last nights'.

I LOVE being a part of new things. Pedro Reyes' installation, entitled 'Sanatorium' is the first in the Guggenheim's new 2-year initiative to bring art into the burroughs. So I went without any real idea of what I was getting myself in to. I bought tickets a few weeks ago and due to the rain, and the boy not being able to make it last night, I almost stayed at home. Like for REAL, like I had to take a cab to make it to Jay Street in time or my 6pm time slot.

From the moment I arrived I regretted going. WHY AM I HERE?!! I wailed internally. I quickly realized that not many people were there by themselves, because honestly, why go to the weirdest show on earth alone?

After talking to the receptionist I was 'prescribed' sessions 15, 9 and 16. I started out alone in a room I instantly decided I would hang out in if I was hoping to be murdered and stuffed in a box.

Here's the great thing though, I'm so glad I had no idea what I was getting myself in to - because if I had I wouldn't have gone and I am SO glad I went. Over my two hours at the installation, I let go of my scepticism and just went with it. The session leaders were wonderful. They left you feeling at ease and free. The whole night cleared some major head space in that nice freeing way that is sometimes hard to get when you're city living. By the time the evening was over, I decided to use our extra ticket to go back today!

It was so, so, so fun. There are sessions specifically fit to families and others for couples. If you go with someone you can still break off separately for a session or two. Today there are even sessions for small children. There were couples at my session and a lot of girls who went together. If you were a single guy, this place was bank. I'm not going to lie, I did give out my number --- but only because I was funny in a space where you had to talk about things you do to comfort yourself. I went wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans - so I know I was not asked out because I was pretty. I went totally low maintenance and I was glad for it. Wear comfortable clothes - no skirts. You'll understand after you get done.

Oddly enough I LOVED being there alone. Go with someone or not, but just go. I think you'll be happy you did. So here's the deets, Pedro Reyes' Sanatorium is in Downtown Brooklyn today in two hour time slots starting at 10am. The last slot is at 8pm. Buy tickets online and take your print-out. Finding it was kind of a pain, but If you take the train to Jay Street, it's 4 doors down from the TKTs booth as you walk away from Starbucks.

If you have a chance to go, you must! Grab a cab and get!!!

Except the first, all of the photos in today's post are lifted from an article I found after I got home.

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)en said...

You are so in the know re: crazy bklyn events. Looks... fun...? :)


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