Saturday, June 04, 2011

The BestThing to Happen to Me Today!

(so far)
Although, perhaps this is the greatest thing to have happened to me all week, contending with the hour long nap I took in Madison Square Park during my lunch break, Giving Death Cab's Ben Gibbard directions, or watching this movie with some of my favorite people.
Published by Procter and Gamble ~ 1959
While walking through the streets of Brooklyn at 5:02 AM this morn - I looked at my watch - I happened upon one crazy stoop sale. After leafing around for a bit, my hand landed on a small spiral bound volume.

Now, here at She Sure is Sketchy we do our best to control our excitement. The problem is that our excitement is just so big sometimes.... As I pulled the book out of the box, I exhaled the only thing I could think to say,

"Fern was up at daylight, trying to rid the world of injustice. As a result she now has a pig…It just shows what can happen if a person gets out of bed promptly."

As a kid (up through high school) my parents read aloud to us nightly. These classic snippets are ingrained deep in my subconscious. They pop up at the oddest times.
I'm a helping queen this morning. Here I'm helping out non-sketch blog followers and google!
Recipes upon this sacred page of awesome in which a girl and a cat think about a dougnut.
1. Clover Leaf Rolls 2. Fan Tan Rolls 3. Miss C's Easy Bread (again, awkward) 4. Sally Lunn 5. Cake Doughnuts

I was up all night drawing dogs. Seeing my light on, a friend texted this to me: "Amber, come safe my from myself." I donned a jacket at 3AM and clip clopped into the chilly Spring (yes!) air, concerned that my buddy (who worked in publishing as an editor prior to her maternity leave in May) had really lost it. Safe my from myself?! Sorry Nessa, it seems you've temporarily dropped that wordsmith ball. We carefully walked her baby, who'd wake and start screaming at the slightest deviation in stroller speed, along the streets of Brooklyn in to the wee hours. It was actually so much fun.

If being seen walking with a jogging stroller at dawn isn't trying to rid the world of injustice I don't pretend to know what is. As a result I now have a book that doesn't only fit into my vintage collection of cook books, but also highlights the use of Crisco! It's like finding an ad focusing on the health benefits of smoking! SCORE.

Yum. Tuna Chip Casserole. Heh. Heh.
1.Chop Suey ( don't cook this) 2. Tuna Chip Casserole 3. Veal Kabobs 4. Fish in the Skillet
Also, this book tells you how to cook Veal like it's going out of style. Awkward.

Ahem. Why don't I own an axe cookie cutter?
1. Cherry Pie 2. Berry Pie 3. Rhubarb Pie
Or a set of house twins that bring me pie?

As someone that lives and dies for a good pun I am so so excited by this find.
1. Dessert Pancakes 2. Fluffy Hard Sauce (what?) 3. Golden Sauce 4. Old Fashioned Sauce 5. Orange Sauce

Here's one of the best pages in this book. Golden Crispy Fries
It not only gives helpful tips to prevent scarring your kiddo's faces with boiling oil, making you a better mom than Betty Draper, but it gives you three, count them three, techniques for frying potatoes! Then it tells you how to strain and save your used Crisco for future cooking adventures!

Yay for Saturday!

Anyway, that's the best thing that happened to me today, so far. Since it's 7:45 in the AM I've feeling pretty AOK about the prospects of this blissful day. Let's start with a nap, shall we?


Hanna said...

that cookbook looks amazing!

pariscook said...

hahahah love that post and the illustrations! awesome find :)

Karin said...

What a cool find!!! So jealous of all the Tomato Aspic you can now make ;)

tweed fox said...

i have that cookbook too! i bought it for in Seneca Falls, NY from a lady selling antiques out of her farmhouse! :) Best book ever! i've made a few of the cookies. so good. i love that everything is crisco. :) great illustrations.

Cheryl said...

Fun post! Naps and talking to Ben Gibbard - that's pretty hard to beat.


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