Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Creative Space - This is my desk:

This is my desk on "work".
I've been watching a lot of PSAs lately as I'm studying to get my permit. At 28 I figure it's probably time to learn to drive.

On the fateful day I invented 'Baby Mermaids' the brilliant Sandra Gaddis and I were running on sleeplessness, giggles and hot tea. Apparently this is the exact mix I need for pure genius. It's been years since the spark that made Baby Mermaids, and nothing as creatively spectacular or clarifying has happened to me since, until....

What we will call THE PERFECT STORM (which happened today) I had a semi-lame but acceptable blog post ready to roll and scheduled to go live. I planned to be in bed hours ago, but this PERFECT STORM must be shared, and shared with you now on the evening of its birth.

On Sunday night my friend Sam brought me these.

(Incidentally if it's years since this post has happened and my future husband is reading the archives of this blog in our penthouse apartment across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I want you to know I never expect these blooms to be topped, so no pressure)

At one point this rainbow bouquet must have been a bunch of white roses. It seems they were somehow magically dyed to become rainbow blooms. They have been in a place of honor on the windowsill since the fateful day they were delivered. This afternoon after days of not sleeping and pushing myself too hard between job-job and licensing clients and follow up from Surtex (it feels like months since I've had a weekend) AKA PERFECT STORM... I panicked in a way that only happens when you are delusional from not sleeping. What if they were getting too much sun?! I picked them up and moved them to the kitchen table out of the harm of gama sun rays.

In the process one perfect petal fell from its rose and in theatrical Beauty and the Beast style floated to the table....

I was instantly devastated, proof that I need to go to bed. BUT THEN, my eyes did that criss-crossy thing that they do when you are looking at a magic eye poster or smoking crack ;)

In fast non-thinking trans like motions I started tearing petals. One after another.

At 8:00PM - prior to the next creative chapter in my life, my workdesk looked like this.

It's obvious what we're looking at here, right?
OK, if you can't see them, maybe you're a healthy girl who goes to bed and remembers to eat ;)

They're fairy wings!!!
In homage to the masses of UK followers we have here, I thought they would start out sharing a spot of tea. As in, "would you care to join me for a cup of tea?"

They weren't working out exactly the way I had imagined in the moment that I'd cannibalized my bouquet of beauty. Exhausted and blurry eyed I crawled to the kitchen, driven by the power of suggestion to brew a cup of Earl Grey...


It's going to be hard to sit through job-job all day. I've got fairies to develop! Funny how we're only tired until we're lit up with an idea.

Now spit-spot - Off to Julia's to peek at all the other desks,
you know, the ones that aren't presided over by sleep starved idiots ;)

SO? We have these girlies sharing a cuppa hot tea.
What else do you think Photo Fairies do? I think they go to the beach, for sure.


Mika said...

Nice transformation! What about the green petals, green is a fairy color too. I know it doesn't match your nails but still...

lamina @ do a bit said...

What gorgeous rainbow roses/ fairy wings.. love it! :)

yaga said...

haha, maybe I should try sleep deprivation for genius ideas once... but on the other hand...well, a nap sometimes works wonders! ^^
love the fairies, I can't wait to see their journey!

Anonymous said...

When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !


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