Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Cupcake Fondue for Twenty

Early in 2011 a conversation with the duchess took a turn for the ridiculous. We were giggly in that way that is tearful.

"You know what I'm tired of?!," I crowed. I'm tired of fondue. What's so great about it anyway?! I mean if it was less about cheese and more about cupcakes, I could maybe get behind the trend. You know what I want? Cupcake fondue, that's what I want!"

In hindsight it was really just a spoiled Verruca Salt declaration of sorts.

Then the Duchess' 27th birthday rolled around. In essence she stood on top of a golden egg chute and hollered, "Amber I want cupcake fondue! I want it NOW!"

So I threw myself into the creation of this pipe dream of possibility and cake.
This baking invention consisted of both dark devil chocolate cupcakes and rum cupcakes. The rum baked out of the cupcakes a bit too much for my liking and so the spray bottle upon the table is a 'rum spritzer'. In these situations, it's really important to step back and think WWLillyAllenD?

I decided on three base fondues, one was a lemony sugar explosion, by the end of the evening it was dubbed liquid death for it's ability to take a healthy person to a type 2 diabetic in under an evening, another was a liquidy banana pudding, and my favorite was old school dark chocolate. After that I just went crazy and came up with as many small dishes of things to top the fondue off as possible. Since we're in Brooklyn that ranged from bacon to basil, strawberries to skittles, pretzels to pop rocks. It was pretty rad. Plus, it was fun to push myself creatively.

The inagural run of cupcake fondue happened on a beautiful albeit freezing day in the midst of a pretty bitchin' 80s party. I couldn't have asked for a better unveiling. Here are some of my the merry revelers amongst the throng.

In this photo Sean is wearing the world's most amazing velor track suit top of all time. There is an awesome Olympic story that goes with it and for that he wins best true 80s attire of the evening.

Jen Mo models a blue jean bow earring and matching scrunchie,
a commentary on socio-political undertones in the NKOTB era.

Oh the tights! The tights!

My favorite birthday girl of all time. I'd rather rock with the Duchess than Jessie Spanno, and if that's not 80s love, I don't pretend to know what is.

This is a boy from another life. He slammed into my Brooklyn existence John Cusack style this year. Yes, that's a lightning bolt earring. It's bright orange. I wish I were wearing it right now.

Here the duchess blows out candles on three of the worlds most beautiful mini cupcake fondue offerings as invented by Ashley and Rachel. I wish we had a better picture of them, but right after this happened 'You Can't Touch This' came on over the speakers and you know... less important things were neglected.

It's officially impossible to have an 80s party with out a sexy ginger.
Meagan made sure that Molly Ringwald would have felt dowdy at this par-tay.

Hmm... needs more Aquanet.

Ashley not only had full command of the hairspray,
but she rocked my favorite pants of the evening

AND she designed this!

Is it not the most 80s-riffic invite you have ever seen?!
I'm glad I live in Brooklyn, where important things get done.

30x30 - Theme party. Thrown.


Cheryl said...

Oh how fun! Looks like you had a blast! Kudos on the cupcake fondue.

Okay, I'm off to listen to some Bananarama and put some frosty blue eye shadow on.

Cheryl said...

Sorry if this is a duplicate. I looked like Blogger ate my first comment. Naughty blogger.

Anyhow, thank you for the heads up on Amy Correia. I looked her up on and I love a lot of artists they list as similar to her. I am listening to her site and like what I hear. I love finding new (to me) artists!

Ashley Robison said...

I <3 you.

Anonymous said...

Could you please post more pictures of Meagan


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