Sunday, September 13, 2009

Digital Stamps

At one point in my career I was the founding designer and illustrator for a rubber stamp company. I recently had the opportunity to reflect on the experience. I miss creating stamps but not for the reasons you'd think.

I miss the collaboration that came when stamp artists took my images and added to them, coloring, cutting, designing and them making them their own.
I loved seeing the million directions they could take an image and I thrilled at seeing my illustrations used by other artists to create new art.

So I'm starting my own company! It has a ways to go. I'm still in the process of putting it together - bit by bit. Barbara Streisand has been being pumped into my studio on a fairly regular basis. we'll be launchingOctober 15th. 2009

We'll be counting down on a weekly basis over the next month. Make sure to stop by for our freebies. Today I'm offering up this new digital stamp for your talented and creative use. Please remember that all images on She Sure is Sketchy are never to be used without permission. This stamp can be downloaded here for all your stampy needs.

If you're a stamper and you decide to use this image please leave me a comment and a note to your blog where you post your project! I'd love to see what you're up to.

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