Friday, September 18, 2009

The Infinite Abyss

One of my most horrid jobs in my entire life was a way too long stint working for a major fashion label. I'm a firm believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason. I was sure the reason I was working on 7th Ave was so that I would know what it would feel like if I ever did anything bad enough to land me in Hell.

One afternoon my boss turned to me and said,
"You need to hand in a line of girl's pajamas by the end of the week."
Deep panic set in. Instead I said
"yeah, I'll do that when I get in tomorrow."
I sprinted down 34th Street and called Sandra. She was used to working for angels of darkness. She taught me a one evening crash course on making repeat patterns. I went in the next day and designed some really questionable pjs.

So that's why I had to work there. It introduced me to the infinite possibilities that come from infinite patterns.
Here's some art that stretches on forever................
Oh and incidently, that first pair of pjs? My first surface design working on 7th? Yeah, that's right.
All designs (except the devils of course -- those belong to Lucifer) are available for licenscing through
listening to right this second: "I Don't Believe You." -- P!nk


bagalagalaga said...

I especially like the fish one

ArtSnark said...

loved the story & the devil pjs

Meagan said...


Asja said...

beautiful patterns and colors! the second one is my fave!

Ria Radja Haba said...

Just loved your work :).
Good job, girl!

Juan said...


Francesca said...

Great Story. Love your take on the topic! The rainy pic is my fave.

thedoodlegirl said...

bwahahaaa! Such a fabulous story!! And I adore your surface designs. SO fun!

Shirley said...

Very cool illustrations!! Love them.

indigene said...

Wonderful story and the patterns are fabulous!


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