Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Montana, How I Love You - Part Deux

Let me count the ways:

#2) You know that snow should happen unexpectedly and magically.When it is over it should disappear without a trace.
This morning we awoke to rain, wait - scratch that. This looks like snow. Yes, this is definitely snow. Without anyone but my little party to run, frolic and jump in it, it stayed pretty, puffy and perfect.

#3) Compound interest. -- A couple of days ago I mentioned to my kid sister that her hair could probably use a trim. She told me to mind my own business. In the dead of night she crept from her bed and cut it in front of the bathroom mirror. In the morning she blamed me for this ripe bit of insanity. It's nice to know I've still got it. My influence would never stretch this far from New York.

4) There are bunnies!!!!
listening to right this second: "Give it to Me" -- Timbaland


Shilo said...

I never loved Montana until I read your recent posts. Snow and bunnies sound divine to me right now. Don't forget about how magical NYC is in the fall though...

Meagan said...

I lived in Montana when I was a very little girl...all I remember was the snow being taller than me!

Sab said...

Very nice ! Thanks for your comment, you are welcome ! ^_^

Amy C said...

oh so sweet, great pics and fun illos. I hope that bunny has a spare sweater to put on!


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