Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Montana, How I Love You

Let me count the ways:

#1) Your bugs are kind of cute... They do not make me want to run away screaming ala Psycho.

Unlike the majority of specimens I have come across in one New York City, your bugs all seem to have a job.Your insects celebrate thrift and purpose. I for one am tired of the dead beat bugs NYC side, their only occupation seems to be freaking me out and scaring me to death.

listening to right this second: "Untouched" -- The Veronicas


Beth L said...

These bugs are adorable.
I am with you about NY bugs.
Did I ever tell you about the time a cockroach CHASED me down 42nd Street on his hind legs? I kid you not. It happened. Ask Glen.

Amberbop said...

This is quite possibly my favorite comment ever.


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