Friday, September 04, 2009


Today we are talking about the best thing on Television: Project Runway, duh.

There was a lot that I had to overcome to enjoy this season of one of the only television shows I will watch. By "watch" I mean rearrange my entire week/drop everything for/take a cab if I am running late/refuse to go on Thursday dates/day dream about all week/tell my friends to shut the "H" up when they are talking too loudly for me to hear my beloved Tim's advice etc. I'm very competitive about my runway watching.

For starters, How could they move my show across the country? Everyone knows all fashion happens NYC side. Sure LA's fashion district is huge but you have to step over a dozen grabby homeless people,
in front of gridlocked cars driven by people who have guns and are willing to shoot you if you make them miss their light and under creepy bridged underpasses that seem like they should be guarded by trolls in order to get to said Fashion District. NYC fashion designers would never put up with that crap. I always love seeing my city on my show. This move was kind of unsettling for me. I felt like I boxed up my heart and shipped it to L.A. Sigh. At least I'll always have Ugly Betty the only other show I deign to watch on television.

Secondly,I have prided myself my entire life on never needing to ever, ever watch a Lifetime Original Movie or anything on the "Lifetime" channel. Did I come close when they put up all those sexy Harlequin Romance movie posters featuring all my favorite B list actors in my train station? Of course I did. But who didn't? May she who is guiltless cast the first stone.

That's right. I didn't think so.

The point is I didn't crack. If I need to be entertained by a crazy woman who likes to stalk their neighbors and speculate whether or not that girl at the grocery store, you know the really cute one with the great nails? the Asian one? Is pregnant, I just call my mom.

Now that Project Runway is no longer on Bravo I have no choice but to watch Lifetime. I have been stripped of my agency. I am practically forced to go to on an almost daily basis. Where's the humanity?!

This week's challenge made me happy. If you're going to be in L.A. you might as well celebrate it. And if they think they have a beach, they should by all means use it. In case you are living under a rock or really don't have your priorities in check, here is a refresher:

Project Runway - Season 6 - Episode 3 Design Challenge 1 -
Design a Fun and Fashionable Beach and Surf look integrating Surf Culture

Challenge 2 - AS A TEAM

After bashing this week's episode with my buddy Christian (I REALLY didn't approve of this week's judging) he said "The whole episode I was so like 'WWSSiSD?" It took me a while to figure out but this simple abbreviation was in essence a thrown gauntlet, "What Would She Sure is Sketchy Do?"

For starters I would have chosen Louise Black as my partner, because she is smart and makes things pretty but with an edge.

I gave myself the same rules. A half hour of sketching with no research. It's not quite fair, because I did watch the episode. I tried to not let it influence me too much. Here's my favorite look that I came up with.
Design Challenge 3 - Every team needs second look:
An Avante Garde Design that Corresponds to the previous surf culture

It seems like the contestants on Project Runway may not know that the word avant garde doesn't translate directly into "Crazy Ass Huge Neck Collar"
. This is what I came up with in my half hour of sketching: In my fantasy I am completely couture trained. I would hand stitch on all the sequins so they were the perfect smattering adding just a hint of surprise.Some of my favorite quotes from this episode:
  • "I think in this situation the word frustration is a huge understatement."
  • "Only at the beach!"
  • "I feel like I have this giant bulls-eye painted directly in the middle of my face."
  • "In our relationship, I can't always tell you that you're perfect."
  • "Thank you God for neoprene."
Max Azeria - who filled in Michael Kors' stead was maybe my favorite part of this episode. He had this "I have spoken, It is decided," air about him that was absolutely enchanting but side splitting. My favorite quotes from him were:
  • "If you are not a team player, you cannot be a designer."
  • "This work is not good. Let's put that on the side."
Photo: Mike Yarish/ Lifetime Networks 2009

I had lots and lots of opinions on this week's outcomes and attempts, but I don't want to ruin all the fun for you with my spoilers and sour grapes. Find your favorite Project Runway moments in this week's episode here on
Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and type a url without cringing.


Brittany said...

I'd like to add: What the HELL was up with Nicolas's attempt at an avant garde look? I'm sorry, I didn't know slutty lace pants (?) were avant garde. News to me!

Love the sketches. Sketchy about Lifetime...

Amberbop said...

Thank you for keeping it real, Britt.
He was dead to me the minute he bad mouthed the surfer girls with "I didn't know what she was talking about, hoodies are not for the runway." OH REALLY Nick? But Full lace cat-suits are!? HUH?

This episode really made me mad. When they announced the top two teams I just about screamed. Way to miss that Swell, Heidi. When the winner said "Are you sure you don't need a recount?" It was all I could do to not call in to second the motion. Grr. Lifetime.


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