Monday, September 14, 2009

Step into My Studio

Welcome #1 - to my thought process...
When I was barely green and fresh out of college I was lucky enough to work on an intimate five person design team for the first season of Pinky Dinky Doo.
I rarely pull out this old portfolio, but thought I'd show you a bit about what I'm talking about.

Here's BeckyBot - a babysitter robot of course!
If you look closely you can see what she's made out of, well other than hard work and a teenage dedication to the watching of young children.

Her head is a trashcan that I cut and modified and colored to fit just so. Her wrist cuffs are the seal on a light bulb. Her legs are from a fire place mantle and her body's a salad bowl.

Did I mention that I freaking loved this gig? because did I ever!
If my dust bunnies were this cute, I wouldn't ever sweep.(Let's be honest, they aren't and I don't.)

Welcome #2 - to my newest project

I'm at the beginning of concepts for a new childrens book I'll be doing in an evolved style that has it's roots in this idea of photo collage.

The front door of this house is a huge and important factor for this new book, luckily I live in the most picturesque bit of Brooklyn a girl could hope to habitat.

Welcome #3 - to my neighborhood
These were all taken within a three block radius from my bit of brownstone.
Which do you think is most welcoming?

P.S. One of these doors is mine! - 3 points to anyone who can guess which.


Hanz said...

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Sandy K. said...

I love brownstone doors they are so beautiful! How lucky are you to be in a neighborhood with so many. My favorite is the bright red door(16th), my guess for your door is 6th.

Amberbop said...

Haha, I wish that were my door! It's my favorite in the bunch, but alas not mine.

thedoodlegirl said...

Is yours the red door then? They are all SO awesome. What a cool neighborhood. I am amazed at your creativity with the robot girl. So clever! And the bunnies are oh-SO-cute!!! You are very talented. And thank you so very, very much for your kind comments on my blog last week! You are so great!!

Amberbop said...

Ha, Thanks Doodle girl! I belly laughed over your mustache kiddos today.

Nope, the red door isn't mine, but you're getting closer. It is a bold color.

Soggy Dog said...

Hi Amber, Thanks for stopping by my Soggy Dog Studio Blog, glad to know someone else can relate to quirky photos.... I am so happy to have now discovered your adorable blog...and website.... How very talented you are!

WOW - Pinky Pinky Doo... My kids and I still play Eat it or Wear it.... And what great diggs you have there in your Brownstone - nice doors!

Take Care! - KIM


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